Planner Nook

We are working hard to create this amazing space for you. To become part of the Planner Nook Family enter your email and pre-register today!

What is Planner Nook?

Logging into Planner Nook will be like walking into a coffee shop, with your planner, notebook or journal in your hand, and everyone there is just like you... reading, writing, art journaling while sipping a delicious cup of coffee. With your favorite beverage in your hand you sit down, in a cozy nook, and you start talking to the person next to you and realize, that you share the same passion and you feel…UNDERSTOOD! THAT is what Planner Nook is all about! Mingling with others who understand you, your hobby and your interests. Join us, as we are all cut from the same cloth here! We are creating a one-of-a-kind space for this amazing and caring community! And we can't wait for you to become a part of it!


A place, a home, created for planner lovers by planner lovers! A one-of-a-kind community sharing the same passion, finally has it’s own place to connect.


Sharing the same interests and passions does make us family. Here you won’t be misunderstood. Here you are part of your other family.


Common interests bring people together. Join our family and become part of this very unique and supportive community. A community that accepts you for who you are.


Planner Nook values your privacy! We are creating a safe place for the planner community, where we can all let our hair down and be ourselves, without sacrificing our privacy.

The Mingle Board

You will love this!

The Mingle Board is “The-Place-To-Be” for any planner lover, sticker fan or maker, fountain pen connoisseur, notebook collectors and sellers and everybody else in between. No rules that limit you to what you want to share and post. The board is where we can all see each other’s posts and talk freely about the best topic in the world: stationery and co.

The Groups

A topic specific area!

Do you prefer to communicate about a specific topic, about your passion for a specific item or service? Groups will give you the chance to meet and mingle with other group members, who share your passion for a specific product. Here is where more product specific members meet and mingle. Create your own or join an existing group and start a movement, right here within the Planner Nook!

Planner Nook

Privacy: We hate spam! That is why we respect your email privacy. Rest assured that we will not spam you and we won’t share your information with anybody. You are family and family needs to be protected!

The Private Messaging!

Some things better stay private!

Private Messaging gives you the option to have one-on-one private conversations or private conversations with multiple people, away from the public eye within the network. Sometimes there is just that little something you don’t want everyone to know. Send it via PM and keep it private.

The Bulk Email

Say it with an email!

Are you an artist, or an Etsy seller? Do you have a webstore or even a retail location? Do you communicate with your customers and fan base via Email? If you don’t, look into it. Planner Nook will give you the option to send emails to your entire contact list with only a few clicks. Staying in touch has never been easier!

Planner Nook

Did we mention that Planner Nook will be FREE? Because everything else would just be crazy!

The Mini-Website

Your own little nook online!

Getting your own website can be overwhelming and expensive. If you want to start small, Planner Nook is the place to be. You will be able to create a mini site of your own, where others will be able to connect with you and sign up for your newsletter or services. Perfect for the small business owner to get some extra exposure.

The Address Book

We also call it "the little black book"!

Us Planner lovers, we love to be organized and have all our info in one neat place! That is why we have created the virtual address book. Here you will be able to collect, upload and keep all your contacts, old and new. The Planner Nook Address Book will be filled with some great features, that will allow you to communicate with everyone easily. It’s what we call: Planner Lover Heaven!

The Minglist

The planner lover's classified ads!

For sale! ISO! Looking for PenPal! Job posts! and whatever else comes to mind…Planner Nook has a section for it. List it or search for it on the “Minglist” and connect with others, that have what you are looking for. Selling, buying, and much more, here it’s easy and fun.